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West Coast Operator Algebra Seminar (WCOAS) 2010

Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Hidalgo

The 2010 West Coast Operator Algebra Seminar will be held at Pachuca, Mexico, from Thursday September 2nd through Saturday September 4th. The seminar will take place at Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Hidalgo (UAEH), at the Centro de Investigacion en Matematicas (CIMA).


Jean Bellisard (Georgia Tech)

Ken Dykema (Texas A&M)

Thierry Giordano (University of Ottawa)

Don Hadwin (University of New Hampshire)

Kate Juschenko (Texas A&M)

Terry Loring (University of New Mexico)

Judith Packer (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Nura Patani (Arizona State University)

Nikolai Vasilevski (CINVESTAV)

Elmar Wagner (Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo)


REGISTRATION: There will be no registration fee. People may register by sending an email to with the following information.

1) Full name and affiliation.

2) Position (tenure/tenure track, postdoc or graduate student)

3) Would you like accommodation at the UAEH guest house?

4) Do you need financial support?

5) Expected day of arrival and departure (and flight numbers when available).

6) Do you plan to attend the conference trip?

7) Do you plan to attend the conference banquet?

FUNDING: We have applied for NSF funding for U.S. based participants. We hope to obtain additional funding for other participants. Please let us know in your registration form if you need financial support. UPDATE: We have just been notified that NSF support has been granted. Details to follow soon in the conference webpage.

ACCOMMODATION: There will be limited accommodation at the guest house of the UAEH, mainly for invited speakers. Please let us know when you register if you would like us to try to get you accommodation at the guest house.

The cost is about 500 pesos a night for a single room (the exchange rate is approximately 13 pesos=1 usd).

The Centro de Investigacion en Matematicas (CIMA) is located at Ciudad Universitaria, in the outskirts of the city of Pachuca. The university guest house is a 5 minute drive away from CIMA. We hope to have daily transportation from the guest house to CIMA in the morning, and back to the hotel in the evening. For all other outings, participants should take taxi-cabs, which are relatively inexpensive. Neither CIMA nor the university guest house are within walking distance of downtown Pachuca.

Alternatively, there are several accommodation options in the city of Pachuca.

Hotel del Valle Inn Pachuca. A four star hotel, but the only one which is accessible by a short walk from the university.

Hotel La Joya Pachuca. A fancier hotel (five stars) near the Plaza Bella Shopping Mall, about a 20 minute walk from dowtown Pachuca (or a 5 minute taxi drive) or 15 minute taxi drive from CIMA.

Hotel Emily. A Four star hotel right in downtown Pachuca, next to the “Reloj Monumental” (Historic Clock). About a 15-20 minute taxi drive to CIMA.

We should point out that taxi cabs in Pachuca are relatively inexpensive, costing in average about 30 pesos (50 pesos, for a very expensive ride). The exchange rate is approximately 13 pesos=1 usd.

CONFERENCE TRIP. On Friday September 3rd there will be a trip to Teotihucan, site of the word famous Sun and Moon Pyramids. Registration will be required. We will travel to Teotihuacan on a university bus, and visitors will have to pay the entrance fee themselves.

CONFERENCE BANQUET: There will be a conference banquet on Friday September 3rd. The cost will be approximately 300 pesos (the exchange rate is approximately 13 pesos=1 usd).

GRADUATE STUDENTS: Limited support may be available for US based graduate students and post docs, depending on funding. Please let us know if you will require support when you register. The deadline for applications of this support will be July 26. We also expect to have some limited support for Mexico based participants.

The Local Organizing Committee

Orlando Avila-Pozos                       avilap [at] uaeh [dot] edu [dot] mx

Benjamin Itza-Ortiz                       itza [at] uaeh [dot] edu [dot] mx

Ruben Martinez-Avendaño             rubenma [at] uaeh [dot] edu [dot] mx

Federico Menendez-Conde             fmclara [at] uaeh [dot] edu [dot] mx



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