QUESTION. How do I get to Pachuca?

ANSWER. Flight to Mexico City. At Mexico City airport there is a bus terminal with buses traveling to the Pachuca Bus Station every hour. The bus company is Estrella Blanca.

QUESTION: Where is the bus terminal at Mexico City Airport?

ANSWER: In terminal 1, once you go pass customs, go to the second floor (there are electric stairs). Go pass the food court, and the bus ticket counters will be on your right (pass the pedestrian bridge).

In terminal 2, once you go pass customs, walk right. The bus terminal is in a small building at the end of the hall.

QUESTION. Where in Pachuca does the bus from the airport actually take me, and what should I do next once I get there? Taxi to the hotel?

ANSWER: The bus from the airport arrives at the Pachuca Bus Station (“Central de Autobuses de Pachuca”). From there, we are recommending to ride a Taxi to the hotel. The cost of the taxi is approximately $40 pesos (aprox. $ 3USD) to most destinations, including downtown Pachuca, and the UAEH guest house. If you are going to the UAEH guest house, ask the driver to take you to CEUNI. Once in CEUNI, the guest house is the building at the end of the parking spots.

QUESTION: What do the taxis look like?

ANSWER: There is no taxi stand. The official bus terminal taxis are white-and-green colored, and they are standing right outside the terminal.

QUESTION: What is the usual tip in Mexico?

ANSWER: The usual tip in most restaurants is 10%, although some people do tip 15%. Taxi drivers are not tipped.

QUESTION: Isn’t there a travel warning for Mexico issued by the U.S. Department of State? Is it safe to visit Pachuca?

ANSWER:Neither Hidalgo (the state of which Pachuca is the capital) nor Mexico City, are mentioned as places to avoid visiting in Mexico according to the latest  Travel Warning for Mexico issued on July 16, 2010 by the U.S. Department of State.


The Mathematics Department often receives visitors both Mexicans and foreigners, traveling from Mexico City. And students, faculty and staff often visit Mexico City for study, bussiness or tourism. No security incident has ever been reported.

QUESTION. I have seen reports that recommend, for security reasons, to ride on “first class” buses, which travel mainly on
toll roads.  Is the airport bus from Pachuca of this type?

ANSWER: This bus is a non-stop service. It actually ranks as “premium service”, above “first class”. Accordingly, the trip is through the Mexico City- Pachuca toll road.

QUESTION. Where do you recommend changing money? The obvious place is the airport, but the rates at airports are usually bad. How much Mexican money should I expect to need for all expenses (including the banquet and the excursion)? Are credit cards likely to be accepted?

ANSWER: The exchange rates offered at the airport are not significantly worse (or better) than banks in town, or than the rates one gets by getting money out of an ATM machine. Also, the amount of Mexican pesos needed by the average participant for food, the conference trip and the conference banquet should be covered with around $200 USD (around 2,600 pesos).

Therefore, we would recommend getting money from an ATM machine at the airport, or in Pachuca (there are several in town, and even one on campus). Participants may choose to exchange money at bank branches at the airport, or at bank branches in Pachuca as well (There are several branches in the shopping mall “Plaza Universidad” in front of campus, and even one bank branch on campus).

Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted in most restaurants. American Express and Discover cards are almost never accepted.

QUESTION: What is the rate at the university guest house?

ANSWER: The rate for a single room is 430 pesos (about 35 USD) per night + 85 pesos (about 7 USD) for the set breakfast. The university guest house DOES NOT accept credit cards; only cash payments (in US dollars or pesos) will be accepted. UPDATE: The cost of the rooms at the the university guest house are already covered by our PIFI grant.

QUESTION. What sort of computer or internet access will be available? If I bring my laptop, will I be able to connect it to the internet?

ANSWER: We have a Computer Lab in our Mathematics Department with more than 20 PC’s with LINUX and Windows installed. The university guest house has free wireeless internet access. There is no wireless access at the building where the conference will take place.

QUESTION: How can I reach a local organizer in case of an emergency?

Answer: During bussiness hours please dial the Mathematics Department office number: (771) 717 2158.

Otherwise, please contact one of the local organizers through their cell phones: (Dial 045 bfore the number if you are in Mexico City. Dial 044 before the number if you are in Pachuca).

Benjamin Itza-Ortiz: 771-747-8089

Ruben Martinez-Avendano: 771-699-2092

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